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Meteohub Migration Promotion until Jan 15, 2021


Please read here:

Looks like Meteohub is still used by 143 CWOP stations. Meteobridge has 1229 CWOP stations.

Here are their CWOP IDs and maybe by listing them here they will stumble upon this message if they happen to Google search for their ID. If this is you then you can take advantage of a discount upgrade to Meteobridge.

AP625, AR545, AT163, AT544, AT584, AT796, AU100, AU218, AU467, AU793, AU974, AV170, AV492, AV512, AV563, C0060, C3359, C3453, C3845, C3999, C5839, C5842, C6398, C9236, C9514, C9585, C9861, D0224, D0707, D0727, D1006, D1053, D1177, D1274, D1833, D2017, D2619, D2830, D3230, D3354, D3439, D3724, D5247, D5339, D5453, D5572, D5586, D5596, D5919, D5979, D6007, D6455, D7013, D7255, D8205, D9563, D9580, D9845, D9872, D9966, E0467, E0681, E1152, E1459, E1773, E1953, E1963, E3379, E3751, E3838, E3886, E4164, E4479, E4692, E4940, E5030, E5051, E6205, E7061, E7180, E7855, E7920, E8019, E8046, E8450, E8698, E9255, E9457, E9696, F0367, F0438, F0546, F0714, F1847, F2343, F2395, F2676, F2987, F6514, F6588, F6665, F7063, F7074, F7386, F7547, F8218

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