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Hmm, you never did post how to go about posting to Ambient Net. Just that you need (current) "white-listed" Ambient Hardware.
I think it's safe to assume that that means the signal going out carries an ID that the web page will accept/reject based on their "white listing"?
But I was hoping for some hints as to why, after several attempts, my Ambient Falcon PWS is not registered (thought I established that with the MAC address?) and shown on the Ambient site.

The "how" part in the title was just meant to be a lure and to match what people are thinking. Often people just ask the wrong question. There is no how. People may have a Froggit system and wonder "how do I upload to" Then the crux of the question is to learn that there is no "how." Your station either automatically does or doesn't upload to after you get it online because it was designed to do so or not. A Froggit will never itself upload to because it isn't designed nor licensed to do so (without extra hardware). The hardware has to have been designed to upload to, and then it does it automatically. Therefore all that is required is that you own the proper hardware and you get it online and your create your free account and enter your station's MAC address and done. If you don't see data then you probably don't have a station that was designed to upload to I'm not certain that the Falcon qualifies as having upload support. Maybe it does but you have really old firmware since before it gained this support. I know that to be true for the ObserverIP for example.

Ok I think I've DL'd the firmware update. I'll try loading it.

I've updated the OP to remind people to update their firmware.

I bought my Meteobridge Pro from Ambient.
from what is stated above it sounds like I should be able to upload to

however I can't.


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