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Has anyone had any luck getting Acuparse running on a Windows 10 machine? I have some knowledge of actually linux commands, but the whole administration stuff is new to me.


You either HyperV/Virtualbox a Linux distro and run Acuparse in that, or use WSL  Frankly, it is probably easier to run it on a Raspberry Pi.

Pretty complicated for someone who doesnt have much Linux experience. Wish someone would just develop a program that would upload the Atlas data to both Weather Underground and CWOP, or that Acurite would make CWOP available for upload. Michael Walsh of VIS reader doesn't seem inclined to support the Atlas, so hopefully, someone with more expertise than me will step up and do it.


I tried to set things up with Ubuntu (Linux), but when it came to actually inputting commands, I got lost in the weeds. I need someone that has more patience than I do. I just didn't have hours and hours to kill. I ended up buying a used 5n1 system and pc connect console so I could get back to all the sites I had before the smarthub was bricked. It doesn't update every 18 seconds though, only about every 30... however, it seems to be working out OK.


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