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Hello WXForum management.
The site layout is setup great and easy to navigate. I was only wondering if the "My Messages" tab could be setup with flashing red or yellow number when you receive personal messages? Maybe I'm just getting old and can't see but I overlook it frequently when there is a number there. Possibly a flashing yellow or red number would get my attention when logging in.
Thank you and regards.

Dan, That's a great idea. But don't deel to bad. I would probably miss it to. But I have it set up so the forum sends me an e-mail anytime I have a message here. You can set it up in your message options here on the forum. Atleast I think thats where you set it up? ](*,)

even at 18yrs old i sometimes over look it. I think your right a flashing light would help big time!!


There's an alternate way to really notify you .. it opens a popup dialog telling you about new PMs and allows you the choice to open a new tab/window to view the messages.

Enable it in your Profile, Personal Message Options

then tick the box for "Show a popup when you receive new messages?" and Save your profile.

Then when you refresh your screen, and you have a PM waiting, you'll see the popup dialog letting you know about it and offering to view your PM now in a new window/tab.

Best regards,

Cool! thanks Ken!!!



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