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Kevin's Software still working well. What happens in February?

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Jack Bowman:
Does anyone actually know how long the Aculink hub will broadcast weather data before it times out? If it is an hour or longer then a simple timer to reboot the hub within the timespan would be an easy fix. Any thoughts? I guess this is easy enough to find out through experimenting in the debug mode of Kevin's software. Unless Acurite does something to change that timeout limit?

Jack Bowman:
I just got a reply from Kevin. He is looking into whether it is possible to the software to give a proper response to the hub to keep it running.

I rebooted my PC this morning and the software is no longer working.  I got an email yesterday from Acurite saying Feb 28th would be last day for SmartHub support.

Acurite didnít waist any time shutting down the smart hub. My Acurite last updated at 6:30am. However WU continues to update. So far.

Jack Bowman:
Yes, My Acurite dashboard is not functional but Kevin's software continues to pull data from the old hubs outbound traffic. It is, however, updating once a second. So the hub is working overtime trying to establish a connection. The data is correct and my web site, Weather Underground and other selected web destinations are being updated properly. So it looks like I am ok for now with Kevin's software. I have not seen the hub try and reboot once.


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