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Hi All,

Hopefully it's okay to post this here as we're not selling anything (yet).

We're nearing the completion of a new weather map service and are seeking beta testers. We're not ready to announce many details but I've attached a handful of images and animations to show what our service will produce. This isn't going to be another weather API with ridiculous starting prices and it's not going to be the best thing since sliced bread and win awards. It's going to be a solid weather maps API with plans affordable for hobbyists.

We're looking for a maximum of ten beta testers to help us test and finalize the features we'll offer. Each beta tester will receive free access until the end of September and possibly longer if testing is extended.

The requirements are simple:
1) Be able to actually use the service (have a website or similar that could use weather maps).
2) Be proficient enough with coding to add the maps to your site. We recommend retrieving images in the background, storing them locally and then serving them on your site.
3) Be willing to provide regular feedback via a private forum. Daily feedback is not required. Once a week or so, etc.

Note: We're currently only generating data for the continental US. We plan on expanding to other regions later this year.

If you're interested, please leave a reply on this thread claiming a spot and we'll PM you with details within 24 hours.

Another animation example

Maps in SouthWest US? ie. CA

Ill give it a go.

We definitely have coverage in CA. I've attached another example map that is zoomed out to show our current coverage area. Again, we'll be extending coverage to other areas later this year.

I'm sending you a PM with the beta tester details.

Have been playing working with the maps.  Even I got a basic understanding of how and what map to display.

This is still in the early beta period and they are actively resolving issues as they occur, but looking very good.



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