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The ebb and flow is the result of the rotation of the Earth and the gyres

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Always wondered where does all that water go when the tides out :) Can't go that far can it as it's all back in just a few hours but then the same amount never comes back the next day, so who took it?

I think whirlpool is the wrong term you are using here
sure the tides propagates around centers, but the whole ocean is not moving sideways along with that tidal bulge that is propagating like you would in an actual whirlpool (except in harbours)
i.e the open ocean is lifted up then lowered down again as the bulge passes by..a bit like a tsunami wave travelling through the ocean...there is no sideways movement as such (there are ocean currents though, which is related to prevailing winds etc)


--- Quote from: Fermer05 on May 07, 2018, 11:26:28 AM ---
The lunar theory of tides is too complex, it can not be studied, I think there is no person on earth who knows this theory.
Before accepting or refuting the theory, it must be examined.
Anyone who understands this theory, he will refuse it.

--- End quote ---
Then show us your simple maths to accurately calculate the tides at a given place using whirlpools please.
I'd gladly give up using harmonics if there was a much simpler way of doing it.

To calculate the height of the tides, you need to know the rotation speed of the whirlpools and the depth of the sea.
To calculate the height of the tides of the Bay of Fundy, you need to know the speed of flow in the north of the Gulf of Maine, but this data is not.
In the Bay of Fundy, for the formation of tides 18 meters high, the flow in the north of the Gulf of Maine should be about 15 km / h.

but has nothing to do with a whirlpool in the ocean
instead you just talking about water moving in and out of harbours/bays etc (which increases the resultant tide height) due to the passing bulge of increased ocean height (the tidal bulge passing under the moon as the earth rotates)


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