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anyone use IPTimelapse software for youtube stream here?

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I am talking about this I downloaded the trial version but I am unable to fig out how to get it to stream.  I know youtube wants to have sound with the stream and I do have a ip camera that has sound. I just must have something not setup right.

If someone can shoot me a screen shot or something. I would be great-full.

Didn't work for me.

HAppy I am not the only one then. ITs not as easy at it looks on that program.  ](*,)

You may need to contact Mike about it. Instructions are very limited, like does the string need user/pass included and is the address for youtube built in etc. I tried with and without user/pass and got nothing. It didn't even try to connect either way.

Had better luck using BI but best way by far is the Stardot live camera which is solid streamer but can't use anymore since ISP reduced my bandwidth.

What about cameleon


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