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GW1000 + Lightning Sensor

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Yep - it looks as if at the database end all is already set.
It's now only about displaying the observations.
I'm not familiar with the Belchertown skin, but I assume that the general approach is similar (weewx.conf / skin.conf /index.html.tmpl).

I suggest you look up the respective files and see how it is done e.g. for outdoor temperature.
I would start with the WH51 as it is simpler and it's only one value from the sensor, whereas the WH57 provides three values.

So find your WH51 sensor name in the DB schema (soilMoist1 for the 1st sensor), or archive_day_soilMoist1 for the daily value.
Now add an entry for the WH51 and see what it gives. Probably some experimenting will be needed.

By the way, you can independently use the Seasons skin at the same time - its pictures/values will be in a different directory
(verify in weewx.conf that the Cheetah generator writes for Belchertown and Seasons to different directories: HTML_ROOT in the [StdReport] section).
You can have one weewx.conf and many skin.conf/index.html.tmpl per weewx.instance, one skin.conf etc. per skin in different (sub) directories of /etc/weewx/skins.
See below - skin = SKIN, where SKIN is the subdirectory name under /etc/weewx/skins/
        # The SeasonsReport uses the 'Seasons' skin, which contains the
        # images, templates and plots for the report.
        skin = Seasons
        enable = true

        skin = Belchertown
        enable = true           
# or HTML_ROOT=/var/www/html/weewx/Belchertown

for Belchertown that's an example/guess - might be different in your weewx.conf  (as I said, I'm not familiar with Belchertown) - important is that they write to different directories

Then you can get it working with Seasons first and later on move to Belchertown which may be (or not - just guessing) more complicated.
You can see the skin at http://IP address/HTML_ROOT (*)  e.g. if the HTML_ROOT=/var/www/html/weewx/Seasons
(the directory must exist [if not, sudo mkdir /var/www/html/weewx/Seasons] and must allow read access to the web server [sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/weewx])

(*) of the Seasons skin - the Belchertown skin will have another one


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