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NOAA Monthly Summary does not work well! - RESOLVED


Hello everyone,
I noticed that with Cumulus software vers. 1.9.2 by selecting View ----> NOAA Monthly Summary, despite the data of the previous month in Dayfile.txt, the monthly NOAA Monthly Summary report of the month just passed is not appears to me more.
I installed the software the first days of last month (March 2021) and
up to day 31 I regularly received the day-to-day data in the NOAA Monthly Report (for the month of March).
But as soon as the month of April has arrived, I can no longer select the past month indeed, the strangest thing is that in the box at the bottom where you can choose the year, the latter reaches up to 2020.
Any ideas / advice?

You must have the version 1.9.4 build 10992. Everything is available on the Cumulus forum.

Thank you Dador,now it's OK


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