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Weather display setup using Ambient 2902A pws


I'm trying to set up my Weather Display (WD). I have an Ambient 2902A Osprey, but WD doesn't list the 2902A as a supported pws (that I can see), so which pws do I use to set up WD?  Davis Vue?

Thanks in advance.


The Ambient WS-2902 is not capable on its own to send data to Weather-Display. You need to buy the Ecowitt GW1000. The GW1000 will directly pick up the WS-2902 sensor array and make the data available to Weather-Display software.

Oh, and don't bother asking Ambient about this. They won't help. They only support the parts that they sell. But all the help you need in this regard is right here in this forum (another weather forums).

Thanks Galfert.  You suggested some units I should get to make my Osprey awesome.  I bought the ecowitt and set it up, but its not connected, so I obviously didn't do it right. My weather underground works, but ecowitt doesn't show any data.


Oh good so you already have the Ecowitt GW1000.

First step is to get the GW1000 connected to your WiFi. For that you need to use the WS View mobile app. Have you gotten that far yet?

doh! Never mind. Ecowitt did the trick.  I'm up and running.  Thanks


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