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Fine Offset Clone Models, compatibility matrix and other useful info - MUST READ


Fine Offset (FOSHK) Weather Stations i.e. consoles, sensors and clones (Ecowitt, Froggit, Ambient, ....)
There are several companies selling Fine Offset hardware. We informally call them all Fine Offset clones. Fine Offset doesn't directly sell any hardware. These reseller companies put their branding on the hardware and often use different model numbers and even different part numbers for the same stuff. There can be several differences though to keep in mind. For example one reseller brand may only provide a certain frequency for their sensors and consoles, which means that mixing brands would not work as the frequencies could be different. Even when the frequencies match sometimes the parts can possibly not be compatible because of firmware differences by each company. The purpose of this thread is to explain these differences and help users to better customize their stations and provide more options. Do also keep in mind that some reseller companies sell Fine Offset hardware along with other hardware that comes from yet different manufactures and consoles and sensors not listed here are most likely that and therefore not compatible with the Fine Offset hardware.

Can't decide which console to get? Then get more than one console! It is a popular option to have both an HP2551-C console and a GW1000 for example sharing the same sensors. You can have multiple consoles (with or without display)
The latest console, the GW1000, is a matchbox size low-cost but very powerful display-less console

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Table of Contents
1. consoles and sensors (plus related information)
     - matrix
     - footnotes
     - acronym scheme
     - console/sensor packages ("stations")
2. the HP2551 console
3. firmware - update - versions
4. changelog

1. Console to sensor compatibility table / matrix (update status: 04-Jun-2021 - what's new ? see changelog)
(consoles and sensor pictures shown are not to scale with respect to each other) 16
Using Ecowitt part numbers listed (Other vendor's part numbers like Ambient, Froggit, etc.are shown in respective lines) - These are not intended to match complete model numbers. If these parts match a complete station model, it is a coincidence.

clicking on the pictures below will magnify them in the browser

this is a view-only / read-only thread
if you want to contribute, report errors, gaps, ask related questions etc., please use the related discussion thread:

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T&H&P = Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (or Thermometer-Barometer-Hygrometer in Ambient terms)
(I) - I-shape
(Y) - Y-shape, osprey


sensor frequencies used/allowed for PWS in different areas of the globe:
Americas (North/South)               - 915 MHz
Europe                                       - 433 MHz or 868 MHz
Oceania (Australia/New Zealand)  - 433 MHz
(want more detail ? see

In general a console works (receives RF signals) at a (one !) dedicated frequency (433, 868 or 915 MHz) - hence it can only receive the signals of sensors which transmit at the same frequency.

In principle more than one console can receive the signal of a particular sensor in parallel, provided it operates at the same radio frequency and the firmware allows for the sensor reception. (e.g. a GW1000, a HP2551 and a WH2320E can all together in parallel receive the signals of one and the same WH65 sensor array. If it were the WH57 lightning sensor, a GW1000 and a HP2551 could both receive its signal, however the WH2320E could not as its firmware doesn't allow for that).

Ambient consoles don't display Ecowitt sensors, whereas Ecowitt consoles are compatible with Ambient sensors (provided they run on the same frequency [915 MHz] and are Fine Offset clones). Only Ambient consoles can post weather data to and not to and vice versa.

a: Ecowitt (Hongkong, China) sell 433, 868 and 915 MHz sensors/consoles (; Ecowitt don't sell all their sensors in/to the U.S. (contract due to Ambient contract with Fine Offset§), Ecowitt sell some models/parts in the U.S. via Amazon and to the rest of the world directly or via Amazon in Canada and Australia
b: Froggit (Germany, Europe) sell only 868 MHz sensors/consoles directly (, via Amazon (D, UK) or eBay
c: Ambient Weather (U.S.A.) sell 915 MHz sensors/consoles only ( Ambient consoles are not compatible with Ecowitt sensors due to different console firmware; Ecowitt 915 MHz consoles can read Ambient sensors of the same frequency (915 MHz)
d: other brands (list may not be complete) are: ChiliTec, DNT, ELV, GARNI, Misol, PanTech, Renkforce, Sainlogic, Steinberg Systems, Ventus, Waldbeck, Watson ...etc. - however not all of their weather stations offered are Fine Offset clones
1: HP3501/3500 looks like the Ambient WS-3000 console but is totally different. The Ambient WS-3000 is running different firmware and only works with Temp/hum sensors and is not intended to be a complete weather station. Needs firmware > 1.6.2 for extra sensors.
2: here is a non-WiFi version of this console sold by some resellers like Ambient, model WS-1900. It looks identical but costs less and makes for an excellent 2nd display.
3: functionality-wise same as GW1000, needs/comes with an extra T&H&P sensor and has a 5V barrel connector (the Renkforce WH2600 is the legacy LAN model, not the new WiFi model, see also footnote 6)
4: e.g. Meteobridge [Pro], Weather-Display, CumulusMX, WeeWX, GW1000live app, PersonalWeatherTablet (PWT) app (Android) ...
5: not sold by Ecowitt to the U.S. - based on Ambient contract with Fine Offset
6: not the same as WH2600 LAN or Ambient ObserverIP (WS-1400IP, WS-1550-IP); the WH2650 is a Fine Offset model, not part of the Ecowitt portfolio - however you can get it as WH2600Pro WiFi from Froggit or e.g. under the Waldbeck Halley/Steinberg SBS-WS-600 brands from or (868 Mhz only) as a Weather station set ([displayless] console + T&H&P sensor + WH65 osprey 7-in-1 sensor array).
7: the predecessor model of the WH32 is the WH26 which is no longer built. It comes in two versions:WH32 and WH32-EP (extra precision). The WH32-EP has an external probe.
If the WH32 sensor is activated together with a WH65, the GW1000, HP2551 and WH2650 consoles overwrite the WH65 values i.e. use the WH32 data instead.
The same applies for a WS68 or WS80 sensor array active together with a WH65. The hierarchy is: WH65/WS69 --> WS68 --> WS80 --> WH32 (lowest to highest).
The GW1000/WH2650/HP2551 consoles allow selective activation or deactivation of sensors. Per console there can be only one WH32 sensor active (either WH32 or WH2-EP). If it is active in the console, it overwrites all other outdoor temperature sensors which are active for the console. If you wanted e.g. to get the outdoor temperature sensor data of a WH65, a WS80 and a WH32 altogether, you would need to deploy three consoles (i.e. consoles from the GW1000/WH2650/HP2551 models).
A similar situation exists with the wind sensor data from WH65/WS69, WS68 and WS80 running in parallel - the consoles prefer WS80 data over WS68 over WH65/WH69 sensor array data. You want both (all three), you need two (three) consoles with selective activation/deactivation of WH65, WS68 and WS80.
8: the whole number of indoor and outdoor PM2.5 sensors (WH41 and WH43) must not exceed four (4) devices (per console). You can have more than four such sensors, but they will then need to be distributed over more than one console. The same applies to the WH55 water leakage sensor.
9: the whole number of WH31 and WN30 extra sensors (WH31 and WH31-EP) must not exceed eight (8 ) devices (per console).
10: the WS6006 is a display-less console and a WH65/WH69E array with the possibility to add two extra sensors. Target area is agriculture. The current model uses mobile networks with 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) standards. The predecessor didn't have extra sensors and ran on 2G / GPRS. The still to-be-released WL6006 will run on LoRa (Long Range) technology. Number and type of extra sensors still to be determined.
11: Weather Networks - WU=Weather Underground (, E=Ecowitt (, WC=WeatherCloud (, WOW=MetOffice WeatherObservationsWebsite (, A=Ambient Weathernet (, C=custom server [W= WU protocol, E= Ecowitt protocol, A=Ambient protocol]
The rebranded models in the matrix ("others") support the same Weather Networks and can use a custom server as the Ecowitt models
12: 433 MHz only
13: 915 MHz only
14: 868 MHz only
15: 868 MHz only; the Ventus W830 console displays digits only in white whereas the other brands have colored digits
16: console with screen sizes (screen diagonal):
      HP2551: 7"/17 cm, HP3501: 4.3"/11 cm, WH2910: 6"/15 cm, WS2320: 7.1"/18 cm
      (the WS2320/WH2320E/WH4000SE console has a 4:3 LxW ratio, the other console screens have a 16:9 LxW ratio)
      display-less console sizes (LengthxWidthxHeight):
      GW1000: 2.3 x 1.2 x 0.4" / 6 x 3 x 1 cm, WH2650: 3 x 2.1 x 2.2" / 7.7 x 5.5 x 5.7 cm (height including antenna), WS6006: ~4 x 2 x 0.6" / ~10 x 5 x 1.5 cm
17: sold by Ambient ( 915 MHz) and Froggit (868 MHz), and since 30-Apr-2021 also by Ecowitt (433, 868, 915 MHz); this sensor is part of the WH31 multi-channel family (WH31x, WH31-EP and now also WN30). This means you can have maximum 8 sensors of WH31 multi-channel type (WH31, WH31B etc.) per console (see footnote 9); remember: Ambient consoles don't display Ecowitt sensors, whereas Ecowitt consoles are compatible with Ambient sensors (provided they run on the same frequency [915 MHz, 868 MHz] and are Fine Offset clones).
18: sensor data from non-Ambient Fine Offset clone consoles which have the custom server option in Ecowitt format available (WSView app --> Device list --> Weather services --> Customized) can be received and processed by Weewx with the so-called Interceptor driver. For the GW1000/WH2650 a dedicated API driver is available. The proprietary Ambient format is not compatible with any so far existing weewx driver (as per 17 January 2021).
19: The Tycon ProWeather TC3000WC has a console display with black letters/numbers on greenish-grayish background, similar to the Davis consoles. The other clone models have bright yellow letters/numbers on a dark blue background.
20: The 2910C console (and clones on latest firmware, both console and WiFi firmware) can receive extra sensor data from WH31 and WH41/43 sensors and publish them on These readings CANNOT be displayed on the console.
21: the still to-be-released console WN1900 is supposed to become a "low-cost station" together with a light-weight WH65 sensor array without solar panel and longer sensor sending intervals.
The console itself is expected to be as powerful as a GW1000/WH2650 but with a grey-green LED display and about palm-size (i.e. can be held in one hand) - it is still in the beta testing phase. (March/April 2021)
22: the WH32B has a predecessor model by the name WH25 - it's no longer built. A HP2551 or a WH2650 console should be able to get readings from it as T&H&P sensor.
23: the WN67 (N=no solar panel) is a light-weight WH65 with no solar radiation reading. It has a longer reporting interval (48 s) and runs on batteries only. It comes with the WN1900 console (still to-be-released). The sensor array which comes with FineOffset WN5300, WN5350, WN2080 is NOT a WN67. It is a WN14 and uses a different modulation method for transmitting the sensor readings. WN14 uses ASK=amplitude shift keying and the WN67 uses FSK=frequency shift keying. So they are not interchangeable and cannot be received by the consoles in our matrix. The sensor arrays of Aercus 2085 and Aercus 3085 also use ASK.
24: the WH65 comes as Y-shape and the newer WS69 arrays as I-shape arrays  (as per Ecowitt engineering). The WS69 can use the BP0001 battery extension pack.

#: released 10-Dec-2020
&: in beta testing - still to be released
%: WN51 = soil moisture sensor with ceramics covered probe; under revision; no more sold
§: Fine Offset Electronics Ltd are the manufacturer, the factory (target group: resellers/business customers e.g. Ambient, Froggit, Misol, ...) whereas Ecowitt are FineOffset's private customer outlet/front (target group: retail, private users) which is also involved in research and product development. Often the same people just wear a different hat i.e. play the same or similar roles in both companies.


Acronym scheme

HP  xxxx weather station with TFT color panel, e.g. HP2551
WS xxxx weather station with solar panel, e.g. WS2320
WH xxxx weather hub (old[er] stations), e.g. WH1080
WN xxxx weather station without solar panel, e.g. WN1900
GW xxxx gateway series, e.g. GW1000

the WH2320E/WH2350E using the WH65/WH69E has a solar panel (meanwhile renamed to WS2320E and WS69)
the WH2650 WiFi [sold by Fine Offset only or by European resellers (868 MHz)] is also a gateway console
the WH0290 Air Quality Monitor is not a full-fledged weather station. It's a console for one WH41/WH43 PM2.5 sensor
a GW1000 433 MHz would not show as GW1000C-xxxx in the device list of the WSView app but as GW1000-xxxx only
(announced to be changed in a future firmware version)

XXnn[nn]A, XXnn[nn]B, XXnn[nn]C  A= 868 MHz model, B=915 MHz model, C=433 MHz model. e.g. HP2551A
(exception: WH0300B, station is only transmitting at 433 Mhz)

further differentiation:
S: soil, L: water (liquid)
e.g. WN34AS = 868 MHz, soil temperature sensor; WN34BL = 915 MHz, water temperature sensor (WN34 sensors still to be released as per 24-Nov-2020)
E: extended edition (e.g. WH2320E), SE: special edition [Froggit only] (e.g. WH3000SE, WH4000SE, HP1000SE)

The last number of the model number usually refers to the product development time order. e.g. The GW1002 is developed after the GW1001.
(that's a marketing thing: from GW1001 through GW1003 new console/sensor combinations are offered - see also below under packages)
The GW1000 console in these packages is the same.

all weather stations (console + sensor array + indoor sensor where applicable) start with either WH or HP
all extra sensors fall under their DP series (including the DP1500 which is the rebranded GW1000)

all weather stations start with WS, extra sensors are either WHxx or WSxxxx-SENSOR (SENSOR is usually ARRAY or RAIN etc)


Console (WiFi) + sensor combinations / packages ("stations")

 Ecowitt GW1001: GW1000 console + WH65 (I) 7-in-1 sensor array
 Ecowitt GW1002: GW1000 console + WS68 5-in-1 sensor array + WH40 rain gauge + WH32 outdoor Temp&Hum sensor
 Ecowitt GW1003: GW1000 console + WS80 6-in-1 sensor array + WH40 rain gauge
 Ecowitt HP3500B:  HP3500 TFT console + WH65 (I) 7-in-1 sensor array + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
 Ecowitt HP3501:    HP3500 TFT console + WS68 5-in-1 sensor array + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B) + WH32 outdoor temperature/humidity sensor + WH40 rain gauge
 Ecowitt WH2320E: WH2320E LED console + WH65 (I) 7-in-1 sensor array
 Ecowitt HP2551: HP2551 console + WH65 (I) 7-in-1 sensor array + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
(Ecowitt HP2552 <---not a real model number: HP2551 console + WS68 5-in-1 sensor array + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B) + WH32 outdoor temperature sensor + WH40 rain gauge)
 [user customized by adding components to the console]
 Ecowitt HP2553: HP2551 console + WS80 6-in-1 sensor array + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B) + WH40 rain gauge

beyond these sets/packages Ecowitt also sell the single components (sensors, consoles)  so you can compose your own console/sensor "fleet"
 Froggit WH4000SE:                     WH4000SE console (WH2320E console) + WH65 (I) 7-in-1 sensor array (+ local PC console software and database)
 Froggit DP1500:                          DP1500 console (GW1000) + DP50 (WH31) + WH65 (Y) 7-in-1 sensor array [called WH3000SE outdoor array]
 Froggit HP1000SE Pro:                 HP1000SE Pro console (HP2551) + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
                                                   + WH65 (Y) 7-in-1 outdoor sensor array
 Froggit HP1000SE Pro Ultrasonic:  HP1000SE Pro console (HP2551) + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
                                                   + WS80 6-in-1 sensor array + DP80 (WH40) rain gauge
 Froggit WH2600 Pro WiFi: WH2600Pro console (WH2650) + T&H&P 3-in-1 indoor sensor (WH32B) + WH65 (Y) 7-in-1 sensor array

Froggit only sell the rebranded Ecowitt packages as full packages. Some but not all sensors/consoles can be purchased alone as spare parts
 Ambient WS-2000: WS-2000 console (HP2551) + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
                             + WH65 (Y) 7-in-1 outdoor sensor array
 Ambient WS-5000: WS-2000 console (HP2551) + indoor T&H&P 3-in-1 sensor (WH32B)
                             + WS-5000-ARRAY (WS80) 6-in-1 sensor array + WS-5000-RAIN (WH40) rain gauge

Ambient only sell the rebranded Fine Offset packages as full packages. Some but not all sensors/consoles can be purchased alone as spare parts.
Ecowitt sensors are not compatible with Ambient consoles (modified Ambient firmware), i.e. Ambient consoles don't display Ecowitt sensors,
whereas Ecowitt consoles are compatible with Ambient sensors (provided they run on the same frequency [915 MHz] and are Fine Offset clones).

Watson sell a HP2551 clone as Watson W8686 (433 or 868 Mhz) [HP2551 console + WH32B + tri-wing WH65] in the UK.
ELV, Waldbeck, Steinberg Systems sell Fine Offset clones (868 MHz) in Germany via or other online market places (e.g. + country sites in the EU)
Misol sell Fine Offset clones in Asia Pacific (433 MHz) also via or

firmware - types of firmware - firmware update - latest firmware versions:

see separate post below

2. HP2551 console

2.1 main display/interface
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(5) the console does not show 24h rain [yet]  (=rainfall during the previous 24 h - not to be confused with 24 h/daily total rainfall)

(9) with firmware release 1.7.1 the PM2.5 sensors (WH41/WH43) are now also scrolling - previously only the first one (out of possible four) was shown.

2.2 editing sensor display names

As the console firmware update to V1.7.3 in quite a few cases purged the name of the indoor temperature/humidity sensor shown on the main display and replaced it with the text "WH32", the question arose how to fix this.
Below the answer which is somewhat tricky and not clearly documented in the HP2551/2553 manual.
On the main setup pages (pressing the wheel/gear button 1-4 times - the position changes on the 1st setup page !! - or "setup - More" on the 1st setup page) you only find the possibility to change the display names of your WH31 extra sensors (1st setup page).

Ecowitt somehow considers the WH32B sensor, the indoor temperature/humidity/pressure not as a basic sensor (what common sense would expect as the sensor comes with the HP2551/2553 packages) but as an OPTIONAL sensor.
Hence you have to look somewhere else: on the "Optional Sensor Display Mode" page ( press 4 x ▼▲ from the main display). There you suddenly find your WH32B T/H/P sensor under the name it shows on the main display.
However the example in the manual does NOT show this sensor ....
On this page the display names of all sensors shown (all optional sensors including the WH32B) can be edited.
Select the sensor with the ▼▲ key and press the (-) key to enter the editing dialogue.
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The sorting order is alphabetic for the sensor model names where e.g. the WH45 starts with "C" for CO2, indoor was considered "WH32" (correct would have been "WH32B") and the PM2.5 sensors are WH41/43.

3. firmware
firmware update procedure:
there are two types of firmware for the FineOffset/Ecowitt (clone) consoles: 
a) WiFi firmware for the upload to the Weather Networks and a customer server (if the console supports), usually starting with EasyWeatherVa.b.c (or AMBWeatherVa.b.c for Ambient devices)
b) console firmware, usually just the version like Va.b.c (a, b, c = major version, minor version, patch level)

the GW1000/WH2650 consoles have a combined WiFi/console firmware

below shown is the update via WSView app
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When new firmware (WiFi and/or console) is available for the GW1000 and WH2650, an automatic pop-up will appear when selecting it from the device list (GW1000A,B,C-WIFIxxxx).

When new WiFi firmware is available for the remaining consoles, an update pop-up will appear when you select the console entry from the device list.(EasyWeather-WiFixxxx or AMBWeather-WiFixxxx)
You must acknowledge the message by pressing OK. In the next step you can accept or cancel the update.
On the device list itself a note will be displayed for each affected device in green bold letters saying "New Firmware". When you canceled the update proposal before, an extra button will appear with the text "Update Firmware to a.b.c"
Both notes will disappear after the update was successfully performed.

console firmware update for the HP2551 and HP350x consoles is done via microSDcard. Download from user.bin (HP2551) or firmware.bin + picture.bin (HP350x) to SD card (SDHC max 32 GB) root directory on PC and insert into console. HP350x will need a power-cycle [switch off/on].

latest firmware versions (revisions): (03-Jun-2021)
WiFi: EasyWeatherV1.5.9 (HP2551, HP3501, WH2910, WS2320) - issue date: 22-April-2021
(1.5.6 removes multiple entries per device in the WS View device list which were introduced with 1.5.5;
since V1.5.5 the device entry also shows the firmware version which it didn't with earlier ones: now "EasyWeather-WIFIxxxx V1.5.6")
"xxxx" are the four last characters in HEX format of your console's MAC address.
console: V1.7.3 (HP2551, issue date:03-Jun-2021), V1.6.7 (HP3501): update via SD card - V.1.6.8 (GW1000, WH2650): update via WSView app
[visible in the settings/setup of consoles with display and in the WSView app] - WH2650 now also on 1.6.8 (issued: 01-Jun-2021)
(Firmware 1.6.7 solved an issue which occurred when a WH2650 and a WH45 were used together. Then the WH32B of the WH2650 would not display pressure data anymore).

WH6006/WS6006: WiFi 1.1.21 (01-Mar-2021) update with Weather Logger software (1.6.6) via USB
WL6006: WiFi 1.0.24 (02-Sep-2020)

this also applies to FineOffset clones - see rebrander model number in the matrix

HP2551: changes, improvements, bug fixes coming with the firmware releases:
HP3501: changes, improvements, bug fixes coming with the firmware releases:

there are also two types of firmware for the Ambient consoles: 
a) WiFi firmware for the upload to the Weather Networks and a customer server (if the console supports), usually starting with AMBWeatherVa.b.c
b) console firmware, usually just the version like Va.b.c (a, b, c = major version, minor version, patch level)
Ambient have a different numbering of the firmware version as their firmware is brand-customized

WiFi: AMBWeatherV4.2.9 (WS-2000, WS-5000, WS-2902A, B, C) update via awnet app ( not yet updated, still shows 4.2.6 - 03-Dec-2020)
console: V1.6.9 (WS-2000, WS-5000) update via SD card
[visible in the settings/setup of consoles with display and in the awnet app]

changes, improvements, bug fixes coming with the firmware releases:

4. change log:
(14-Nov-2020) added Froggit DP70 (=Ecowitt WH55)
(14-Nov-2020) updated sensor hierarchy (footnote 7)
(17-Nov-2020) included Watson as Fine Offset clone seller to footnote d and to the packages
(20-Nov-2020) added acronym scheme (source: Ecowitt)
(21-Nov-2020) updated table: added WS6006/WL6006 and updated footnote 10 on WS6006/WL6006 (source: Ecowitt)
(22-Nov-2020) added Ambient PM2.5 indoor (WH43) and WH31LA (WH55), updated HP3501 sensor compatibility, added Weather Network information
(23-Nov-2020) updated WL6006 info
(24-Nov-2020) added console clone models/brands and their frequencies
(25-Nov-2020) updated HP3501 sensors (with console firmware 1.6.9), added console/screen sizes, added firmware info
(03-Dec-2020) updated WiFi firmware version for Ecowitt and compatible
(07-Dec-2020) added WH31P (Ambient) to the matrix
(10-Dec-2020) added picture of newly released WH45 (release date 10-Dec-2020)
(26-Dec-2020) added picture for HP2551/WS-2000/WS5000 console display overview
(30-Dec-2020) marked WH32E for Ambient as "end-of-life" (exactly "end-of-support" as they have taken it off their portfolio)
(03-Jan-2021) added reference to related discussion thread
(03-Jan-2021) added remark regarding past 24 h rainfall display of the HP2551 console
(05-Jan-2021) added PanTech as another reseller brand in Australia (HP2551, HP2553 and extra sensors)
(13-Jan-2021) added Froggit DP30 water temperature sensor to the matrix
(17-Jan-2021) added Meteobridge/Weewx/CumulusMX/WeatherDisplay console support info
(22-Jan-2021) updated footnote 9 with the new WN30 (temperature only, waterproof probe, 3 m cable) sensor
(29-Jan-2021) updated firmware info for WIFI firmware 1.5.7 Ecowitt / 4.2.9 Ambient
(02-Feb-2021) update WS68 signal indicator in console pictogram overview - updated announcement for PM2.5 sensor cycling (1-4) in current position with next firmware version
(30-Jan-2021) added Tycon ProWeather TC3000WC (WH2350 Fnbe Offset clone) to the matrix
(02-Feb-2021) updated WS68 signal indicator position on console screen, announcement by Ecowitt to implement PM2.5 indicator (1-4, WH41/43) cycling with next firmware
(26-Feb-2021) added WH35 Leaf Moisture sensor (1-8) to the matrix - sensor already part of firmware 1.6.5
(27-Feb-2021) created a temporary warning regarding firmware 1.6.5 in the firmware section of the matrix footnotes
(02-Mar-2021) updated firmware 1.6.6 for GW1000 - FW 1.6.5 withdrawn, also for WH2650 => latest available FW for WH2650 is 1.6.3 (1.6.5 for early adopters - WH2650 users were not affected by the 1.6.5 side-effects on the GW1000 together with a WH32B - they have another side effect: loss of pressure/barometer data from WH32B)
(03-Mar-2021) moved firmware info into separate post (as the post is reaching its maximum number of characters [2000]); added picture of device list and console identifiers plus update pop-up
(12-Mar-2021) added information about WH2910C console and sensor data uploaded to - info on to-be-released FW 1.6.7
(19-Mar-2021) added information about beta-phase WN1900 "low-cost" weather station
(25-Mar-2021) added footnote for WH32B predecessor (WH25)
(27-Mar-2021) added info about firmware 1.7.1 for the HP2551 (and clone) console - main visible feature: WH41/53 PM2.5 sensors are now also scrolling on the main screen
(29-Mar-2021) added ChiliTec and DNT as FO clone resellers
(02-Apr-2021) added WN67 info to matrix
(07-Apr-2021) added info on WiFi firmware upgrade V1.5.8 claiming solving the following issues: 1. Optimize domain name resolution.;2. Optimize the uploading stability of custom servers
- for affected consoles see firmware post / section
(12-Apr-2021) updated HP2551 console info and pictogram
(22-Apr-2021) updated information regarding console firmware update (1.7.1 for HP2551, 1.6.7 for HP350x) and WiFi firmware V1.5.9 (claiming solving the same issues as V1.5.8: 1. Optimize domain name resolution.;2. Optimize the uploading stability of custom servers)
(30-Apr-2021) added WN30 multi-channel waterproof temperature sensor with external probe to the matrix
(10-May-2021) added DP250, the Froggit version of the WH45 5-in-1 indoor air quality sensor to the matrix
(13-May-2021) minor updates to the firmware section
(24-May-2021) added information in footnote 23 regarding the WN67 sensor array which looks similar to the WN14 array (but is different technology) which comes with FineOffset low cost stations, e.g. WH5300, Aercus 2085, Aercus 3085.
(27-May-2021) updated firmware information for GW1000/WH2650 - now V1.6.7
(01-Jun-2021) updated firmware information for GW1000/WH2650 - now V1.6.8
(03-Jun-2021) updated firmware information for HP2551 console - now V1.7.3 (fixes some bugs and may purge the text for the Indoor T/H(/P) sensor and replace the original text (usually "Indoor") by "WH32")
added info on how/where to fix the purge/replace issue in the console post
(04-Jun-2021) added footnote 24 on WH65/WS69 sensor arrays and BP0001 (external battery pack) compatibility

update Dummy post - please ignore


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