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Midwest Derecho 8/10/20

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The derecho that plowed across Iowa, Illinois and points east was an incredible event from a meteorological perspective and unfortunately from a damage standpoint. At my location in NE Illinois I was fortunate... only a gust to 53 mph and some small branches down and a very brief power outage. A location about 7miles northeast of me recorded a gust to 75 mph and higher gusts were recorded across the Chicago area and of course in Iowa. Cedar Rapids seems to have had some of the worst impacts. I just read that as of this morning (nearly a week since the derecho) some 90,000 are still without power. Here's a few links that may interest some. Of all the meteorological phenomena, I've found the derecho to be the most fascinating. Hoping those affected get their essential services restored soon.

Summary from NWS Chicago

Summary from NWS Quad Cities


Itís estimated that Cedar Rapids lost half of its tree canopy in the storm.

I mentioned it before.

almost half of Iowas corn crop is gone.

One more.   Farmers may lose 1/2 of their crops.   
Look at the speed of this thing to move across the state.

I remember being impacted significantly by the Ohio Valley Derecho of June 2012. No power for over 2 weeks and temperatures in the 90s and 100s with dew points in the 60s and 70s - it was a tough time. Infrastructure to the electric grid was impacted greatly. People fought for gas. We've come a long way with tech even since then, but still, it's a rough go. Hearing about the crop damages is even worse.

Prayers for these folks.


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