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Weatherelement is finally going "live"! (sort of)


Well, I finally got the programming team to drag what we have running from the dev server to public.

The basic station pages are working really well. Any glitches in data are due to the Internet or their connection.

The station map is here: Rolling over a station shows the site name, clicking on a station brings up a bubble where you can click to go to the station's page.

A typical basic station's page is here:

The common stuff is there, highs, lows, graphs, NOAA report, location map, even indoor temp and RH, battery stats, and data upload stats.

Soon, I hope to add the 5 station ranch to the network, as well as an orchard/vineyard, and I hope a lighthouse.

And, our stickers work:

Now that they work, I can make them spiffier...

There's still a lot of work to do. I see things that need to be clarified, and there are pages on the main WeatherElement site that still need content, lots and lots of content.

Nice.  But PG&E's site shows  a UV index of >25!  They in a microwave?


--- Quote from: Bushman on November 07, 2011, 04:25:03 PM ---Nice.  But PG&E's site shows  a UV index of >25!  They in a microwave?

--- End quote ---

Thanks for pointing that out. I think I fixed that on the original set of templates, but the fix wasn't carried over. The EEC doesn't have solar or UV sensors, and is the only station so far that doesn't.

That's what LOOP returns for UV when there's no sensor, kinda like 32727 for wind speed when there's no ISS.

I'll have that fixed, as well as the solar reading.

Chris - congratulations  =D> I know you have worked on this project for a long time. Am glad for you to see it nearing completion and coming to fruition. The sites look really nice with the data and graphs.

I wish you the best in this endeavor!

Weather Display:
Nice to see graphs
I am a big fan of graphs
they give you alot of info at a glance


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