Author Topic: Moving from Wired Vantage Pro 2 to Wireless VP2 w/serial datalogger. Cross Post  (Read 142 times)

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Hi All,
I've had a wired Davis Vantage Pro 2 with a serial data logger setup with the regular/old version of Cumulus for at least 8-9 years now. It has been great and basically bulletproof.

Anyway, my anemometer recently failed, and for some other reasons I decided to purchase a new Vantage Pro 2 wireless system, including a remote transmitter for my anemometer, instead of prolonging the life of my old station. All of that has been working great thus far.

Unfortunately my data logger to serial adapter for my prior VP2 was out of date, and was thus incompatible with my new wireless VP2 console. Graciously, Davis offered to trade my 11 plus year old logger in for $50, which I was very pleased with. It also took about 30 seconds to reach an American tech, which was downright amazing.

My question is this: What is the best procedure for switching Cumulus/recorded data/whatever from my old VP2 to my new VP2? I don't want to cause a disruption in my data or overwrite/corrupt things. If a smooth transfer is not available, should I just start a brand new Cumulus setup and import the old data later?


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The change in VP2 ISS should not have any impact as the console would just continue to receive data from the ISS. 
The change in data logger could have an impact.  The logger interval should be set the same as Cumulus log interval, i.e. 5 min, 10 min or whatever you decide.  You can set the data logger interval in Weatherlink PC.

Restarting Cumulus would be as usual and the download catchup will be from the last time Cumulus was stopped, or from the data in the logger.

As always, you should have an extra good \data folder backup.