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Winter precipitation and mounting


I have an AcuRite wireless rain gauge ... which has failed ... the second to do so ... and the advice has been to bring in the rain gauge during the winter when it might be freezing.  With the AcuRite this is easy enough to do since the rain gauge and the thermometer are separate pieces.  Now I have been looking at upgrading to a more multifunction weather station and I am wondering how this problem is addressed in them.  It would be lovely to get some measurement of snow.

Also, I wonder about mounting.  The AcuRite is currently mounted to a board which is fastened to the flat top of a yard light with small clamps.  Many of the weather stations seem to mount on poles and I'm not sure I want to put a new pole in the yard.  I have found one unit, a Logia, that comes with a short pole and the option to screw it to a board which I suppose I could adapt to the current mount.  Are there other things I should consider?  Fastening to the house seems sub optimal and there are enough trees that one has some limitation on finding open space.  I have seen tripods which I suppose could be moved for mowing, but ...  And the north side faces a golf course, which has the most open lawn, but seems an invitation to disaster.

I can understand people not being sure what to say about the mounting issues, but can't someone advise on whether the rain gauge component of the integrated weather stations has to be taken in in the winter?

I have an Acurite 5in1 station that I got in December of 2015. I think I mounted in January of 2016 so it's been out for several winters with no issues. I live in an area that gets snow and many freeze/thaw cycles during the winter.

Looking at the manual Acurite does say the stand alone rain gauge may be damaged by freezing temps and should be brought in but for the 5in1 they say, "The 5-in-1 sensor will not be damaged by freezing conditions. NOTE: If the rain collector cup fills with snow and then melts, it will register as rain on the display."

Thanks.  Having seen pictures of the units covered by snow, it seemed like they must be OK.


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