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Changing from my current Acurite display to two options...

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I currently have this:
With 2 extra sensors and a lighting sensor.
Because of the forecast not working correctly, Acurite offered to replace the Display with the same to try again or with this one:

What do you guys think? I like having the Outdoor temp without having to switch pages for example.

I was also thinking maybe trying to trade up for this:


Forecast from Dark Sky?!?!?!?  Didn't Apple put a (rapidly-approaching) end-of-life on Dark Sky's API on all non-Apple platforms when they acquired them last year?????

oh that sounds bad. I just asked Acurite support about that.


--- Quote ---API

Our API service for existing customers is not changing today, but we will no longer accept new signups. The API will continue to function through the end of 2021.

As part of this transition, use of Dark Sky by Apple is subject to the Apple Privacy Policy, which can be found at
--- End quote ---

Somehow, I would like to think AcuRite has some type of agreement with Dark Sky so that all of their displays and MyAcuRite will continue to get forecasts past 2021. They should stop selling any new displays if they donít!

By the way I just purchase a display with Dark Sky forecasts that was on sale this week!


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