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6058M not updating

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Hello Forum Members,

First post here, hoping for some advice. I have a model 6058M paired with a 5-1 sensor. Had it for a couple years, and itís been pretty accurate and trouble free.

The display showed low battery in February, so I changed them out. Starting a couple weeks ago, the system stops updating randomly. The signal strength show no bars. If I remove the sensor, then add it back, it comes back showing full signal strength, and battery shows ok. The first time it happened, I did a full reset. Lately all I have had to do is remove then re-add the sensor. Once I do this, things work normally for anywhere from 2 hours to 5 days before it stops updating again.  I have tried waiting up to 24 hrs to see if it comes back on its own, but no luck. The system has never shown low battery when this has occurred. The display is about 30 feet from the display, and nothing has changed with regards to other interference such as computers, etc.

My first thought is to try another set of batteries to see if that helps.

Any suggestions?


Paul G

 Batteries in the 5-N-1 are weak/dying?

That's my next thing to try.

The sensor went about 14 months on the last set of batteries, and it's only been a couple since I changed them. Perhaps the batteries weren't fresh.

It could be just one of four batteries in the 5-N-1 thatís bad. Iíve gotten into the habit of testing the new batteries before using them.

Just replace all of the batteries in the whole system.


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