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Ambient Weather WS-5000 or Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus?

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After researching over the summer and waiting for stock to arrive, I had thought I had decided on purchasing the new Ambient Weather WS-5000 w/ sonic anemometer. But after getting notice earlier this week that they now have it in stock, I got a bit gun-shy and reconsidered the VP2 that many on this site seem to recommend.

Though it would be a more substantial investment, I'm considering going all in with the 6163 VP2 Plus kit w/fan, 6332 Davis Sensor Transmitter (so I can mount the anemometer separately from rain/temp), and 6100 Davis WeatherLink Live (for cloud logging and smartphone access). Does that sound like a good starter setup? Would I have any regrets about the cost or the more dated web/console interfaces of the VP2 vs. the WS-5000?

Having the ability to separate components will always be superior siting wise to an all-in-one.


--- Quote from: CW2274 on October 20, 2020, 04:09:23 PM ---Having the ability to separate components will always be superior siting wise to an all-in-one.

--- End quote ---

That makes sense based on what I've read on proper siting, and I think both the WS-5000 and VP2 (with additional transmitter) would give me the ability to site them in entirely different spots as long as the transmitters are within range of the receiver.

How closely do most folks follow siting guidelines? When sharing data with CWOP or Weather Underground do you need to provide proof of adherance?

I am far from an expert but both WeatherUnderground and CWOP request information regarding your equipment, location and elevations when setting up your account. I believe you are not denied access for any of those reasons. Usually most urban locations require some compromise in setting up your station. Trees, lot lines, buildings, home owners associations, etc., can sometimes limit where you  can place your equipment. Most of us just do the best we can with placements.

As a side note, WeatherUnderground will test your patience.


I think most folks follow the siting guide lines rather closely. There is one exception however and that is the Anemometer, many folks including my self don't have the option to mount at 33 feet AGL. The other problem is nearby obstructions (trees, buildings, home owner associations etc.). In my case the nearest tree is only 50' away and is 35' tall, needless to say that impacts my wind speed readings.

We weather stations owners do the best we can given our site constraints.



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