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Does anyone know how to contact PWS Weather?

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I moved and created a new station at PWS Weather.  To delete the old one, you have to email them.  When I used the email form on their site to do this, the response was "There was a submission error," whatever that means.  They apparently don't have a Twitter account either.




Fill out the form. I've received replies fairly quickly.

I' m sorry the email form doesn't work.  I thought I made that clear, but, perhaps not.

I was able to use it successfully twice on June 5. Maybe a browser compatibility issue? It worked for me on Firefox / MacOS.

Edit: If you can't get it to work, try

I am using Safari in macOS Catalina.  I tried again with only the message "Testing," and that worked.  So I composed another email with my issue, and that one also failed.  This time it said something about the Captcha, except there was no Captcha thingy on the page.

I then replied to the auto-response with my issue from my "testing" email, so we'll see if that gets through.


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