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More mobile than remote, Vehicle Mounted Data Collection/Logging Weather Station

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--- Quote from: WeatherHost on July 10, 2017, 04:46:18 PM ---There are special units designed for Emergency Management and Mobile Command Posts.  They're generally used for longer term events such as wild fires, floods, chemical spills, etc.  They are specifically in tended for vehicular use and may include telescoping mounting poles, etc.

As far as uploading, I'd try to stick with your own website or similar.  Maybe somebody here has spare space they could offer that you could FTP to.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, those go for at minimum several thousand dollars. For my limited application monitoring its not worth it haha. I'll stick with the Davis, ambient weather has a good quote on it at the moment.

And thats good that working off of my own laptop would be the best, adding in the bridges would increase my costs significantly.


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