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Help Needed.
I have been running VWS internet addition licensed for 10 years currently running on a Win 7 box.
I have moved it from an XP box to Win 7 box and to several win 7 boxes as they died.
I tried to move it to a windows 10 box and for the life of me can' get it to work.

I followed the instructions on this forum but still no luck.
1. Copied my current C:VWS to the new computer same place.
2. I ran an install on the new computer
3. then I copied my VWS folder again
VWS version is V15 P3 which is running fine on my old win 7 box as I type this.

When I start VWS the program does not recognize the serial connection to my Davis Pro WS
I update the serial port and save but it does not save. wach time I start VWS same windows come up.
I have tried wiping the VWS folder and reinstalling several times but it will not save the serial settings when I start the program. Yet on start up it recognizes it is a licensed copy.
Made sure no files inside VWS directory are write only

Appreciate any help you can provide

try running it as admin on W10

Thank you for the suggestion

My normal login in is Admin level

I also tried creating a second login with Admin privileges and still no luck.

You may have already resolved this issue but just in case: There is actually a major difference in security in Windows 10 from 7. Certain rights are restricted even to Administrator level accounts. Manual approval is required to run at full administrator privileges under most set-ups to prevent rogue software using an administrator account unsupervised to make changes, write data etc.

Workaround per each use: Find the startup icon for VWS and other mouse click you should see "Run As Administrator" as an option in the list. Do so and see if that resolves your issues.

If it does you can make the selection permanent by other mouse clicking on the icon again, then select properties, then select the compatibility tab, then check the box next to Run As Administrator.



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