Author Topic: Solar and UV showing on console & Weather Bulletin, but not logged in WLK files  (Read 180 times)

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I've had a Vantage Pro for quite a few years with a datalogger which I then download to my PC using Weatherlink software.

I have just fitted two additional sensors; solar and UV.   The console immediately picked up and displayed this data.  When I start the weatherlink software and connect to the console, the Bulletin screen shows both the UV and the Solar information in the left and right bottom corners of the screen.

However, if after downloading the station data I go to browse the weatherstation data, the UV and Solar related data fields remain blank.  Is there something I've overlooked to do, to persuade the software to download the UV and Solar data?

The Station Config is now showing as Vantage Pro Plus with both the Solar and UV sensors ticked as present.  I'm wondering if the Weatherlink software doesn't like configuration changes mid-month, or something like that.


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Presumably you have tried closing WL and then restarting? Maybe the archive settings get picked up at startup?
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I think I've solved the problem  :-)

I think the issue may stem from the fact that the ISS was disconnected yesterday when I had to do a repair to the ISS circuit board  This meant that there was an hour of missing ISS data, though the indoor data was recorded fine.  When I downloaded data to my PC today before adding any sensors or making any config changes I noticed that in addition to an updated (larger) 2021-09.wlk file, there was also a 2021-12.WLK file which was showing as only 1k in size.

I'm not sure what caused the 2021-12.WLK file to be generated, I'm guessing that the ISS going down may be linked, but don't know for sure.

When I tried to import data after fitting the sensors the Weatherlink software message displayed that it was importing 513 records, i.e. the total capacity of the datalogger, even though there was less than an hour of new data to import.  I now think the existence of the 2021-12.WLK was possibly causing this problem and confusing the Weatherlink software.

I decided to investigate the 2021-12.WLK file more closely using an Excel macro I've written to import header info from WLK files.  It turned out that the WLK file was just a header index with no actual data, just 212 bytes in size.  I decided to delete this file - I have copies of all my WLK files in another folder just in case of data corruption.

When I went back and tried to import again, the download was just 6 records rather than 513 and there is now plottable solar and UV data.  I now need to tweak my macros to import this into Excel  :grin: