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Rain rate from Weather Link Live
« on: August 12, 2021, 06:06:32 AM »
Ok, Iím sure this is really simple but Iím thick  :-P

Iíve set UP Weather Display to gather data from my UK version of Weather Link Live. Iíve put the right IP address in (itís communicating via Ethernet) and ticked ďEnabledĒ and itís receiving data just fine. Except that the rain rate is wrong - itís displaying a rate of 0.3mm for every 0.2mm shown on the console.

In the Weather Station Type tab Iíve got Davis Vantage Pro selected as the weather station (that is what Iím using), and Iíve tried ticking either ďDavis rain gauge is 0.2mmĒ, ďUse the Davis VP rain rateĒ or both ticked together. It stopped raining before I could try unticking both.

Could someone point me to the right settings? THANKS!