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Forecast symbols meanings
« on: June 11, 2021, 02:10:37 PM »
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I just installed my Sainlogic WS-0310 weather station and I have one problem with the unintuitive forecast symbols here; manual is so unreliable and information scarce here....For example I have to the right of those 2 yellow flowers a fixed cloud symbol, and also to the left 2 cloud symbols which alternating: one big cloud bellow and one smaller cloud above; those 2 symbols are blinking BUT I don't figure out the order. It's SO UNINTUITIVE ! I guess that to the left of those 2 yellow flowers are the pressure changings (increasing means first big bellow cloud is blinking and after the ABOVE smaller one is blinking; for pressure decreasing I guess it's viceversa) and the right of those 2 yellow flowers is weather forecast for 24-48hours, or WHAT ?
Peoples, please share the right means of this symbols !
Thank you a lot.
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