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Siting Compromise Analysis
« on: October 10, 2020, 10:05:02 AM »
I don't really see a specific section for this subject so dropped it here.

I put up the VP2 Wired in a rush one afternoon last Spring that finally got reasonable weather. I went quick and easy with wiring and poor overall siting.

Adding the Wireless VP now and will re-site the wired ISS and string wire to the Anny on tower. Tower position is not perfect but can be done without crazy climbing. (I went to the top of tower 14 yrs ago when first moved in to put up multiband antenna!)

I need to set up Anny for wireless and am torn between two spots.

The red star on roof would be easy construction and easy to get access. 15 feet above roof line is possible.

Black Star at balcony railing would get it farther from the hexagon tree. Most of the prevailing wind comes from that way, SW.
The hex is the highest point of the trees. They get lower moving South in the row. The star tree is only a few feet above roof line. The X trees are gone now.

Black star spot would be hard to build. Would NOT be as tall as red star on roof, some 5 or 10ish feet lower. Would struggle to get above roof line, maybe 5 feet or so. But it would get it a bit farther from tall trees. Even the roof spot would not be above that biggest tree. I know, I know.  If they were on my property they would come down lol.

I have a 3 inch pipe a bit over 20 feet and could add smaller pipe to top. I would make a hole in corner of deck dropping the pole down to embedded anchor in ground. Would need solid angle brace from near half height point to ground, two directions, at base of deck as guy wires are not an option in yard. Deck railing would also brace it.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure I am keen to DIY a 25 or 30 foot pole in the back yard. How much wind force would it get? 15 foot 1.5 inch pipe on roof, big deal. But how much drawback from closer to the big trees?

P.S. Spot the Easter Egg.

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