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Data Logging from Logia 5-1 with PC Connect
« on: July 24, 2021, 08:56:44 PM »
I have been working to get around a serious issue using Weather Underground with My Logia 5 in 1 personal weather station with the PC Connect feature.  There is an outdoor station and an inside console with a USB connection.  The station and console have thus far proved to be reliable.  The weather tool by Logia appears to be stuck on version 1.02 indefinitely.  I have made support calls for seven months without resolution for the issue of the Weather Tool crashing randomly.  I added an Dual WAN with failover, to no avail.  I contacted Weather Underground support, but no reply thus far.  My goal is to find a software tool, or make such an application myself if needed and if I can find the details to do so.  I have found numerous desktop apps for Windows for numerous weather stations, but on an Internet time scale, the apps and stations appears to be old, yet is it possible they are still working.

I would appreciate any details, esp. links, to documentation and web sites regarding software that can capture the data from the USB port from the Logia 5-1 console.

I have a lot of time invested in the Logia 5-1 PC Connect.  I have a web site that forwards the data, using the Weather Underground API available to personal weather station owner who register with Weather Underground, to the citizen's weather observer program (CWOP).
I keep a history of the data, which Weather Underground provides via the PWS owner API in five minute intervals.  I use the data to compute fire threat levels.  In west Texas the two major factors for a red flag alert are 1) twenty foot sustained winds of twenty miles per hour for a hour, and 2) a humidity of twenty percent or less.  I have turned these things into a fire threat level percentage, using the current observation from the station.  I send myself a text message regarding those factors, and a threat level of 100 percent.

The big issue is that the Weather Tool will crash unpredictable, and it has crashed consistently when the Internet was down or disconnected.  That is were adding the Dual WAN was expected to fix the issue, but it did not.  I wrote a connectivity monitor to check up on my Internet connections and my Cisco Dual WAN and have seen the Weather tool crash often when the Internet is running smooth.
My current proposition of the issue is that the Weather Underground servers are seriously overloaded serving over 250,000 personal weather stations.  That means the API call to SEND data to weather underground: 1) has a timeout too short now (but likely worked fine years ago), and 2) the Weather Tool is not coded or tested to auto-reconnect and restart sending data when, the Internet is down, or the Weather Underground servers do not accept the data in a timely manner, but rather the Weather Tool will simply crash.  You must restart the Weather tool, and you can loose hours of data.  I even wrote a cron job to check the data, and when there is no data found for an hour, I send myself a text message saying, 'to restart the Weather Tool'.  Sometimes is will be a few hours before I wake up about 4AM or 5AM or such in the morning, and restart the tool.

There might be some common data format and standard software.  Here is why I think this.
The Ambient Weather WS-7079 Smart Weather Station w/WiFi Remote Monitoring and Alerts, High Definition Display
appears shockingly the same as the Logia 5 in oneLogia 5-in-1 Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station Remote Monitoring System w/PC Connect
and it is possible both are make by the same OEM source
Also the Info tab for my stations on weather underground
says the software is vws versionxx, which seems to be virtual weather stations, version xx (20 roman number, maybe just XX for a filler?)

Any information about a way to Intercept the data and relay it to Weather Underground, would be appreciated.

Thanks to the members of this forum in advance.