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Re: SHT31
« Reply #50 on: November 28, 2021, 06:40:14 PM »
Revisiting this issue 4 years later upon purchasing a WeatherLink Live.

Was advised by Davis Aus that no offset is required, which I disagree with as the WLL is receiving data from my original ISS.
That is confirmed by the fact that with no offset the WLL is reading 0.5C above my original console which has the offset applied.

Weird think though is that if I enter an offset of -0.5C in the WLL settings, on saving it reverts to -0.9C.
Also tried applying -0.4C, and that reverted to -0.7C, as below.

Still find the whole AR/AS revision comments to be confusing as Manufacture dates are also mentioned, and mine is 1609 which according to other comments is after the date firmware was changed to accept SHT31's.

Edit:- the whole 0.9 becoming 0.5 looks horribly like a C to F ratio.

As a new WLL user I had a similar issue when adding the year rain amount. I needed to add 557mm but every time i did add it, it kept coming out at 740mm for the yearly rain. I had to input 438.4mm so that the rain would show 557mm for the year, i spoke to support about it but i felt that with all the other issues i reported that in the end they fobbed me off on to the API support. I was quite peed off by that point and told him that with all the issues i was seriously debating on whether or not to drop back to basic one the trial ended, guess what, support got back to me the day after the money came out for the year. None of the issues are fixed so far and this was since around the end of Sept/beginning of October. A major one is on the web browser (not the app) the rain amount under the Mobilize tab - Irrigation is just crazily incorrect, i.e. way, way under, eg Yesterdays rain was 19.2mm Mobilize irrigation section shows it as 0.8mm and on the 19th of Sept we had 66.6mm (yeah i know, right lol) yet Mobilize irrigation shows it as 2.6mm, gonna go out on a limb here and assume that its showing it in Inches? for this issue, not sue about the Yearly rain amount par though... Had support got back to me prior to that money coming out, i would have cancelled the subscription! I really like the WLL app & website to be honest but it is lacking though and sadly, as it stands, its not enough for a renewal next year, i don't need the data side of it and that's another issue, looking at the Data on the webpage, its very laggy, i have an I7, 16gb ram with SSD HDD and 2 graphics cards in this laptop, it shouldn't be laggy...
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