Author Topic: "StormWatch".... A Meteorologist, an iPhone on a tripod and Facebook  (Read 3066 times)

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Tonight the head meteorologist of the local CBS affiliate here in Seattle did a pretty creative piece of journalism.  He set up a live feed from his iPhone to Facebook and then opened up his FB page for questions about tonight's storm and another we are expecting on Thursday.  You could type in a question and he was answering it or sharing comments within seconds.  It was simple and real....  He was on for almost an hour.  Lots of great information.  What a great way to connect with the community he serves.  I don't care much about Facebook for sharing personal stuff, but I think it is an incredible tool for sharing timely weather information. 

Thought I'd share,

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Re: "StormWatch".... A Meteorologist, an iPhone on a tripod and Facebook
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True, although Twitter is probably even better in this respect.