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Title: Arizona Monsoon begins with a Dry Heat Microburst
Post by: AZmonsooncats on June 16, 2021, 12:57:20 AM
Hi Everyone it's been a interesting evening after another HOT and Smokey day in Phoenix, thanks to strong High Pressure and the Telegraph and Mescal wildfires which have now merged. These wildfires have been burning about 50 miles east of Phoenix metro and now with the high near the 4 corners we are getting a easterly flow sending the smoke right in our direction. This is a pseudo Monsoon set up has arrived on the calendar driven date of the Monsoon Season, but due to the low surface dewpoints below the monsoon threshold of 55 degrees there is only limited high level moisture. So only limited rain in the mountains and dry for the deserts.

But this pattern led to the the dry heat Microburst that went though here in the last 40 minutes which heated things up as the temperature rose from 104F at 8:20pm to 111F at 9:20pm the peak sustained windspeed was at 33 mph with a gust of 49 mph at 8:57pm

9:25pm 111F (H 114/L 80) Night time/Dry/mostly cloudy ☁️ - Hum:14% Wind: NNE 4 G-49mph Baro: 29.67in Rain: 0.00in http://tinyurl.com/67zwnhq #weather #fb

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A Hazy view of the Sun Nearing Sunset on the first day of the Monsoon
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Some clouds and rays of Sun at Sunset on the first day of the Arizona Monsoon

Title: Re: Arizona Monsoon begins with a Dry Heat Microburst
Post by: BKS97 on June 16, 2021, 07:34:36 AM
Thanks for the interesting and informative report.  I shared it with some friends from Globe who are visiting here.  They showed us some pictures of the wildfires near their home that they had taken before they left Arizona last week.
Title: Re: Arizona Monsoon begins with a Dry Heat Microburst
Post by: AZmonsooncats on July 02, 2021, 05:01:13 PM
The Monsoon was finally active again in the Phoenix, Az last night.

July 1st - After an active day yesterday on June 30th in the higher elevations like Prescott and Prescott Valley with a classic Micro-burst Pictured below. (Photo Credit - Paul Folk) July started off with the rain and Thunderstorms mainly confined to the Eastern Mountains and Southeastern Arizona. We had a relatively inactive down day in Central Arizona into late in the evening when thunderstorms formed over the Roosevelt Lake area and the Bush Fire Burn Scar areas. These storms sent a outflows into the Phoenix Metro area which produced pop up isolated thunderstorm cells over parts of the valley. One was in the North Valley and was surprising active between 10:30pm and Midnight producing between 0.10 inches to about 0.35 inches of rain at the Prickly Pear Wash and the Cave Buttes dam which is just north of the Loop 101 and SR 51 interchange. At the Deer Valley Airport they measured 0.24 inches of rain.

Here at Pepperidge we received 0.43 inches of rain by Midnight. Which brings Monsoon 2021 to 0.53 inches so far and we are now just 0.01 inches behind last year's season total of 0.54 inches for the Dismal 2020 NONsoon!!

Other pop-up thundershowers formed in the far East valley and near South Mountain area and produced between 0.04 inches and
0.24 inches of rain. With the big winners being South Mountain Park Headquarters which received 0.20 inches of rain by slightly after midnight and just before midnight at Recker and McLellan roads in far east Mesa they had received 0.24 inches of rain.
Further to the Southwest 0.35 inches of rain fell just after midnight on July 2nd near the south end of the Estrella Mountains.

All Monsoon Rainfall Details are located at: http://www.pepperridgenorthvalley.com/monsoon-rn.php#mon21

Classic Thunderstorm Wet Micro-burst over the Prescott Valley on June 30th, 2021