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Blitz Detect
« on: November 17, 2023, 02:38:06 PM »
I came across a YouTube about "Blitz Detect", which seems to be a South African company with a TOA type detection system.

It seems to be Blitzortung competitor, but is not open-source like Blitzortung.

Anyone hear about this? It came into my "recommended" YouTube feed this afternoon.

Greg H.

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Re: Blitz Detect
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2023, 05:20:57 PM »
Hey Greg...Basically LINET systems are the core of the data feed...developed by 'Nowcast' in Germany... there are multiple commercial 'distributors' of this data.  This is apples and oranges.  HOWEVER, if you remember, the 'Blitzortung' systems you and I are familiar with (Red & Blue)  have enough data capability to provide the parameters to resolve much of the features these LINET networks advertise. (Original Green DOES NOT)

 TWO issues:  Blitzortung is hobbyist, experimental, totally non-commercial, no monetary backing other than a few grants and incidental 'click in' pennies on some of the web pages... as such cannot support the computation power required to derive much of the LINET advertised parameters. 

     The BIGGER issue is the variance in operator mindsets... no standardization of antennas, types, controller settings, etc.... A couple of years ago, one of our operators, a computational wizard, set up a server, and a handful of us, also sent our data to his server.  We found that, experimentally, we could prove the above statement, in general, but were 'run out of business' by 'memory', 'computer power', and the updating and refinement of the Blitzortung computing and data algorithms, which was almost a weekly thing at that time... he couldn't keep up... and couldn't afford to keep adding memory ... he had gotten way past what would be considered sane for a 'hobbyist'... it takes a BUNCH...  heh...
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