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Cool cloud today


Haven't seen one of these around here in a long while!
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Randall Kayfes:
Beautiful multilayer lenticular! Lenticulars are my favorite cloud they are so revealing of the thermals around them. Thank you for sharing!

Great shot of a standing lenticular cloud. I've seen lenticulars three times here in Virginia in the past 8 years that I've lived here. With just the right conditions and wind flow over the Appalachians, we can see lenticular clouds here.

Not quite as interesting as your photo, this might look like the leading edge of a thunderstorm outflow but it's a photo of a snow squall that I took the other day, 14 Jan 2024. NWS issued a snow squall warning and we had a wind gust to 30 mph with a burst of moderate snow that didn't stick to the ground (too warm).


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