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Lightning double strike


Every now & then I catch a good snap:

Very nice capture.

I'm glad someone is getting storms and rain.  Been extremely dry and the grand totals are hundredths of inch of rain sometimes 20 days apart.

I feel like I'm in the Atacama Desert.

Storm rain from that snap (20-21) was only 0.14. It's been pretty rainless here as well. Storm cells seem to split up passing over my neighborhood. Sept, so far, is my rainiest month - 7 days w/ 1.49". Just enough to kick the desert weeds into hyperdrive.

Sluggish monsoon this year for me. 4.87" YTD. Last year this time? 11.95".


Great screen capture!
Been dry in my part of Florida too. Average rainfall is about 51 inches a year. So far I haven't reached 35. Rainy season ends here in about 2 weeks. October is the my driest month and its the only month that I have had zero rainfall in 16 years of record keeping. Of course a late season tropical storm could come through and bump that up but nothing on the horizon.

Your low rain surprises me w/ the storms that have rolled thru that area. Guess the coasts have taken the brunt of it all.


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