Author Topic: HP2551 console (FW 1.8.7) and 2+ WH41/43 PM2.5 sensors: display error  (Read 229 times)

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I recently noticed (having two WH41 PM2.5 sensors connected to my HP2551 console) that when the sensor registered as channel one drops out  (runs out of battery) the sensor registered on channel 2 is no longer diplayed either even though it still has enough battery (to be seen in my GW1x00/GW2000 consoles in WS View Plus).

I have reported this observation already in January to Ecowitt and it was in a first assessment classified as a firmware bug - to be solved with the next (?) device firmware release.

Just to let everybody know who has a similar constellation and and might (or might not yet) have noticed the same behaviour.
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Re: HP2551 console (FW 1.8.7) and 2+ WH41/43 PM2.5 sensors: display error
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 05:05:05 AM »
Interesting. I'll let #1 go dead and see what happens.

I'm running 2 AW pm2.5's (badged as wh42's) and 1 ecowitt wh41.

When 1 of the aw pm2.5 goes dead it's a real pain. The ID changes on re-start and has to be reset on all consoles.
Also have 3 aw wh31's that have the same issue. Must be old stuff.

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