Author Topic: Ambient Weather WH2682 (aka Weather Hub, aka ObserverIP2.0) not sending data WU?  (Read 125 times)

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So I recently picked up an Ambient Weather WH2682 (aka Weather Hub, aka ObserverIP2.0) and I'm trying to get it to send data to Weather Underground.  I know I can do this by sending the data to and making the connection to Weather Underground from there, but I'd prefer not to do that.  I'd like to send directly from the Weather Hub to WU, which is seemingly possible but for some reason it doesn't work for me.  I've had the credentials of my WU account setup in the Weather Hub for a day or two, but the station continues to show as offline at WU.

I called tech support at Ambient Weather this morning and they tell me there's supposed to be a section on the Weather Services page on the Weather Hub for WU where I simply enter my WU station ID and passkey and that should be it.  My Weather Hub however does not have that section for WU.  Instead it has the Ambient Weather section, then directly below that - where technical support claims the WU section should be, it has a "Customized" section.  This is the section I've been trying to use to get data to WU, with no luck.  Technical support claims I shouldn't have to use this section and should be using the "Weather Underground" section on that same screen - which does not exist on my device.  They asked if I was using the latest firmware which they said was something like 2.0.4.  I am actually on 2.2.0 which my device says is the latest.  When I let tech support know this, they seemed surprised, then confirmed 2.2.0 is indeed.  The looked at a device on 2.2.0 on their side and agreed that the "Weather Underground" section was missing.  They said they'd log a ticket to have the firmware updated to bring it back.

So...I guess two questions:

1. Is anyone able to directly send data from their Ambient Weather Weather Hub to Weather Underground?  If so, how?  See below screenshot for the connection details I'm using.  It seems like it should work.

2. Does anyone have the "Weather Underground" section on their Weather Hub device?  If so, are you on firmware 2.2.0?

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you must not include any http:// or https:// into the server IP/Hostname field
there only an IP address or the domain name without any protocol prefix
e.g. or
the path would be
/weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?ID=[myID]&PASSWORD=[my password]&action=updateraw&
try that again
in firmware 2.2.0 by mistake Ecowitt must have removed the WU section as Ambient also realized;
will most likely be solved with 2.2.1
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Bingo!  Removing the https did the trick. Itís reporting to WU now exactly as I would expect. Thanks so much. This has been bugging me for days.