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Weathercat 3.13 not updating Station Template Data after Moving to another iMac


schwab: is my VP2 station running Weathercat 3.13 whose data flows to the latest website templates of Ken True at

I moved all my site's Weathercat parameters from an iMac mid2011 21.5" (12,1) to another newer iMac late2013 27" (14,2)

The late 2013 iMac is running OSX Ventura without any issues. It runs and displays correct Weathercat 3.13 gauges in realtime.

For some unknown reason and despite the exact setup of Weathercat on both iMacs I cannot get the website to update its data on the iMac late 2013 but updates run fine on the iMac I have reverted back to the older iMac mid2011 for now until I can find a solution. 

Ken True who developed the saratoga website templates suggests I make this post and seek suggestions for a fix from those using Mac OSX and Weathercat to in order to display their data.

I'd appreciate any recommendations to fix this update issue. Thanks

My lack of weather data updating issue is now FIXED after I followed recommendations from Ken True whose website templates I use.

Ken stated "Check WC's setup for processing/FTP of WCTtags.php .. something is not correct."

So is running Weathercat 3.13 on a 2013 27" iMac 14,2 running MacOSX Ventura 13.1 beta 4
(22C5059b)using the Open Core Legacy Patcher 0.5.2 which provides the ability to run OSX 13 on some selected Macs no longer officially supported by Apple to run the latest OSX.


On the VP2 Station above I updated WeatherCat to 3.2 and all is running well so far on a...

27" iMac late 2013, 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel i5 running OSX Ventura 13.0.1 by utilizing Open Core Legacy Patcher 0.5.2

More system info is in the links below...


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