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Heads-up: PurpleAir JSON query now requires an API key... grrrrr.

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For the PHP script, I had the two sensorida and sensoridb.  Do I use the a value for Weather Display sensor number?

I got a read key, so I'm part way there I think.

I've reworked the purpleair-inc.php script to use the new API.  Seems to be working on my page now.

They were fairly fast in providing an API key, but stunningly, the process was via email...  The FAQ on their site needs to be changed now that the old method is turned off.

re WD, it should still be graphing OK
what shows in file


also though WD can get data via local IP (if your purple air sensor is connected to your LAN)
in the file airquality.txt
is there the data
and if so, is that giving the correct aqi value

In the old script, there was sensorida and sensoridb.  Are these the same for the new script?  Or where do I find it?

Yes, the sensorids haven't changed with the new API.  Mine was 4299,4300 and remains that for the new API.

The API returns stats, stats_a, stats_b now so you only have to query the primary (a) sensor to get the (b) sensor data too.


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