Author Topic: Multiple Server type uploads fail WOW + Custom  (Read 370 times)

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Multiple Server type uploads fail WOW + Custom
« on: January 08, 2021, 05:14:01 PM »
I donít know if this is a known issue Iíve missed, user error or a niche problem that needs fixing. Is there some sort of limit of how many different type of server uploads any given console can do?
Iíve notices that if I program any of my consoles to try and upload to both the WOW website and the Custom Server,

This works:
GW1000: Ecowitt ON, Wunderground ON, Weathercloud OFF, WOW OFF, Customised ON
HP2551C: Ecowitt ON, Wunderground OFF, Weathercloud OFF, WOW ON, Customised OFF

But if I switch the WOW ON on the GW1000 instead of HP2551C, the Custom Upload on GW1000 fails to work (even though itís switched on). I think it may be some coding / software error as Iíve noticed that when this happens the Customised ďPathĒ field seems to get wiped. So to make it work I have to go switch off the WOW upload and als add back the field contents for Customised Path. From what I remember previously, I noticed the same behaviour on HP2551C and prior WH2910C I think - but Iíd need to go double check.

Any ideas?
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