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GW1000 and WH2650 WiFi - two fraternal (and functional) twins - a comparison

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Whether Froggit WH2600PRo SE, Waldbeck Halley, or Steinberg Systems sbs-ws-600:
they all come with the WH65 outdoor array in Y or osprey shape and a WH32B indoor temperature/humidity/pressure sensor.
The 6-in1/7-in-1 is obviously a matter of product description/definition. So no worries.  ;)
In the Waldbeck Halley they count the outdoor temp/humidity sensor(hygrometer) as one sensor - hence 6-in-1.
In the German description of a Waldbeck Halley they say (translated) "thermometer respectively hygrometer".

If you live in NL (I conclude from the link), the Steinberg is 15 EUR more expensive at (115 EUR, shipping included) - maybe worth the 2 years more warranty.

If you have an old Android tablet (a new one also does the job, but the old may be repurposed and otherwise of little use), you can use the PWT app to display all your sensors. Of course the WSView app also shows all your sensors on your smartphone. Or you can install an Android emulator on a Windows PC, e.g. NOX, and watch the WSView app there. Or installl CumulsMX or weewx on a Raspberry Pi and see the data in a web browser. updates every minute if your console sends data there. You can also use the pwsWD template from Wim van der Kuil ( - no extra software needed (ecowitt mode). My signature link shows how it can look (customizable). Many options.

thanks for your super quick reply :-). My ws-2800 was published to a website with weewx, I think I will do the same but will look what my options are if I setup something new.

didn't know (checked) that there was a Dutch website :-)

There is a special weewx driver for the GW1000 API, which works meticulously (and the WH2650 is functionally a GW1000 - topic of the post  ;)).
Your WS-2800 probably worked with the interceptor driver. It still works with the GW1000, but has some restrictions and needs the customized server option in the console,
whereas the GW1000 API driver uses the full functionality of the GW1000 directly (and can handle all extra sensors from Ecowitt).
I have it running on my RPi4.
There is one little specialty regarding solar radiation:
with the weewx GW1000 API driver an extra entry needs to be made in the [[Corrections]] stanza of the [StdCalibrate]] section of weewx.conf:
"radiation = luminosity/126.7 if luminosity is not None else None"  (without "").
Otherwise no radiation is shown / archived.

can i use GW1000 without internet in my local network and where GW1000 save the data if i turn the computer off if i use (WeatherSmartIP) software ?


--- Quote from: mgma on March 31, 2021, 04:44:37 PM ---can i use GW1000 without internet in my local network and where GW1000 save the data if i turn the computer off if i use (WeatherSmartIP) software ?

--- End quote ---
two things -
1. the WeatherSmart software doesn't work with a GW1000 (it works with a WH2350 and a HP3500 and probably some legacy models where the console stores data; a HP2551 console also stores data, however to retrieve them is a bit tricky).
The GW1000 is not a data logger, i.e. it doesn't store any data. For its data to store you either need software like CumulusMX, weewx, Meteobridge, Weather Display etc. or post the data to a Weather network like, Wunderground etc.
In any case, if you want to archive/conserve the data, it (the GW1000 and the archiving software) needs to be "always-on".
A GW1000/WH2650 + Raspberry Pi + weewx or + CumulusMX or + Meteobridge are often used solutions with low investment and low power consumption.

2. using it in a local network only can create some issues as it tries to contact periodically. This is discussed in several threads here in the forum.
A combination of the FOSHKplugin, weewx/Meteobridge/CumulusMX with the GW1000 and some DNS redirection makes it possible to use the the GW1000 in your local network without an internet connection.

You can search with keywords GW1000, DNS and should find the respective posts.


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