Author Topic: WH65 the Y-shaped version 3 years on a roof (photos) what about some mainenance  (Read 317 times)

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So as per a post a few weeks ago, I have an old wh65. The temperature data dropped off however, wind speed and direction stayed online. Having the station on my roof (two-story house) and living on an island on the west coast of Scotland, it certainly picked its time to die! Well, the weather held out this afternoon, and I had a few hours free, so let's get it down for a look.

Fantastic news new batteries and the units are in complete working order!

 Hats off to ecowitt for the design. I stripped the unit down, and no water or corrosion made its way inside. I have had the station on my roof for three years without a battery change since new. Thankfully thanks to a post all those years ago suggesting what type of batteries to fit, I fitted energiser lithium batteries, so there is no corrosion within the battery compartment.

As seen from the photos, the unit has seen a fair bit of UV damage with discolouration, the anemometer cracking, and a fair amount of crud within the rain gauge.

 I have repaired the anemometer but found the sensor bearing to be sticky. For this, I have cleaned it with wd40. What other lubricant should I be using for the sensor's silicon spray?

As also seen thair is some heavy crazing over the solar panel any tips on cleaning or polishing this out?

Any other general maintenance for the unit?

Any other users have a unit this old run into any problems with, say the supper capacitor or other sensors?

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Had the same problem with the anemometer bearing, had to replace it:

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Thanks, David,  I think will get some on order, the sticky one has freed up but probably best to replace it!

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  • ..have you calibrated your barometer today?
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I used to be in RC helis and have repacked more than a few bearings as preventative maintenance. A sticky or gritty bearing generally means that contamination (water, dirt) has worked its way inside - not good.
Temporary fixes, magic bearing lubricants might work temporarily, but invariably, damage has been done or will be done and the bearing should be replaced. For weather stations, access might be an issue so replacing the whole component might be the only solution. Might be interesting to diassemble a failed unit with a hammer and take a look...
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