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I have some problems with my WGR800 dropping out in cold weather (less than -10C degrees, totally unavailable if more than -15). First I was considering to power it with the solar panel (STC800) but I think it may be even better to power it constant from an AC/DC adapter. To do this, can I use the socket meant for the solar panel? If so does anyone know the voltage and polarity for this? Not much documentation to find on the internet for this panel.

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Have you tried powering it with lithium batterie?

The usual alkaline units supplied with the unit tend to get weaker at that sort of temperature as the chemical reaction within them slows lowering the voltage.

Actually I replaced the alkaline with lithium batteries last week for the reason mentioned. But it has not been any real cold weather after this so that it remains to see if it will help or not.

Dear All,

I am new on the forum and I am like Ges, I would like to powerup the WGR800 using and external AC/DC 5v PSU.
the issue I have is roughly the same : I am missing the polarity ...  anyone who owns a STC 800 (solar panel ) could check if the + is in or outside the DC power jack ?

I am pretty sure but not 100% that there is probably a diode that would protect from reverse polarity but would like to avoid killing my unit in case its not protected.

Many thanks in advance this information in advance
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Alright finally.. I checked by my own so here's the answer if it can help someone in the future

There is a Diode ( not easy to read probably a 1N4148) that prevent  reverse polarity anyway.

It needs a DC in of 3V to 5V ( would stay as close as possible from 3Vdc  as normal operations are with 2x 1,5V batteries)..
 see picture attached for polarity

Have a great day everyone.



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