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Has anyone ever heard of this?

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Old Tele man:

--- Quote from: diviningweather on November 18, 2019, 10:52:11 PM ---There may be some truth to that.
I do know that if you face the wind the storms will come from your right.
It's on my course I am building.

--- End quote ---

Low pressure (cyclonic) spins anti-clockwise...hence, from the right.

From personal experience:  If there is a tornado coming, all the science teachers will go outside to watch, except for Larry who is trying to get the nasty kid on the roof to hold a metal pole.

Captain Dunsel:

--- Quote ---Well, it is just as credible as the "NASCAR vortex theory" for storm avoidance  ;)

--- End quote ---

Friend of mine says "NHRA" means "Next Heavy Rain Area".

I do remember a time when a squall line was approaching.   I and several other AWS folks were gathered out in a parking lot in a St. Louis suburb, looking at the cloud formations, whilst our spouses and kids were heading for the basement.  Not the smartest time in my Weather career, I must admit.



--- Quote from: Captain Dunsel on April 24, 2021, 09:21:54 PM ---
--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---
Love your "user name" or whatever it's called. That said, you're far from being unique in it's application.

Captain Dunsel:
I retired from the USAF as a Captain, after 20 years in Air Weather Service, so the 'Captain' part is true.  Also, there are few things more useless to active-duty folks than retirees, so I figure the 'Dunsel' part is also true :-).  Doesn't hurt that I was/am a Trekker.



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