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Ambient WS-15-X3 question
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:45:32 PM »
Has anyone purchased the Ambient model in the subject, or one like it, and had good luck with the signals making it through walls.  I want an inexpensive means to monitor (but not keep the data) of several temperatures around the house.  One being inside my Davis rain collector cone, in the winter, while the heater is on.  Another in my house attic.  And the 3rd sensor I'm not sure yet but I'll find it a home.  This particular model has remote probes which will work great in the rain bucket.

As for the attic the signal will have to go through a drywall ceiling, diagonally through a wall, the wood floor and into the basement where my weather computer is (about 25 feet).  As far as the outside sensor it will have to go through a 10" thick cement foundation traveling a total of about 35 feet.

Any experiences out there to share?

Thanks, Dan.
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