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Weatherdisplay is another that has a mac program that works.

Weatherlink is pathetic at best.   It is a pared down version of the PC version, with few options.   I wrote Weatherlink on the FB page and said they are missing a lot of potential money by not upgrading their program.  of course I have been saying that most of last year.   

WD and maybe also WeatherCat

I'm trialing Mac software options and have so far downloaded WeatherDisplay (Brian's prompt replies are a big bonus; interface is a bit overwhelming) and WeatherSnoop (couldn't find the light version; appears it is now $68; appears to have low s/w forum activity).

I probably won't be able to evaluate all of the options out there, given the learning curve and time required, so I'm requesting opinions and feedback on the best Mac s/w solution to:

* Upload data to Wunderground PWS (currently have this setup with WeatherDisplay)
* Track Growing Degree Days (GDD) for managing garden and orchard diseases and pests (see attachment)
* Publish cumulative GDD data to a spreadsheet so it can be shared with an urban garden group
Thanks in advance for the help!


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