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Interesting Winter Folklore

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Totally related a couple of these that I heard:

When leaves fall early,
Fall and Winter will be mild;
When leaves fall late,
Winter will be severe.

This one looks good for me in terms of me wanting a good winter...It was abnormally late for the leaves to come down this year.

A warm November is the sign of a bad Winter.

It has been abnormally warm here...This weekend reached the low 70s and the low this morning was around 60!!!

The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the Winter.

This year's New Moon is on December 24th

Just a little something to keep in mind this winter while you all are roasting chestnuts over an open fire 8-)


Let me make note that it has been VERY warm here :-)  Most of the winter weather predicters have lowered the amount of snow for us, but honestly, i trust folklore than long term forecasting

Well it was very warm in November but it also has been very warm this month :roll:

interesting, learning something new every day =P

Hey! We all do!!! Thats what makes life great! 8-)


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