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RCL 410 no power on Ethernet


I got this Reo RCL 410 and if I plug the power into barrel connector it works fine.

Does not come on with power applied to the POE Injector.

I read 12 volts on 4/5 7/8 of the RJ45.

I wonder if it is just the simplistic injector I have.

Should the best solution be to jusr get a switch with POE built In?

I am guessing the injector I have is not 802.3af compliant? Could that be the issue.?

That device uses either 12V DC from a power supply unit, PoE is usually not 12V  its either 24v 48v or 54v

Oh I C.
That's another arena of tech I must get informed about.

Thanks for the tip


Next day delivery.

PoE Injector switch arrived.

Thanks for the tip.


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