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Wunderground WebCams not picking up image


I have been trying to get my webcams to publish to my devices on my Wunderground Account.
Cameras in Use: 

Amcrest ProHD 1080p (Northern View of Sky, camera is inside home looking out a window)
Amcrest IPSM T1179EW (Southern View of Sky, camera is mounted on back wall of home about 18ft off ground)

I tried using their FTP simply would not work with my cameras, as they published a folder structure that WG didnt like, so I gave up on that, after trying and failing at setting up a VM with Windows 10 on my HyperVisor, with CORE FTP on it. I was able to get a good steady stream of images from both cameras, but was unable to find a reliable method to push them up to WG in a format their stuff liked without investing a bunch of time and effort in scripting, etc..

So now I am using CameraFTP free trial service, the images are getting pushed up to there site, they are doing the image processing and reformatting them into a a format that can be accessed via a public URL. I can get to the URL, the image size is roughly 68k, and is published with a name of "image.jpg"

This is the Northern Camera:

As you can see, the image is accessible, and working. I plug that URL into my dashboard, and no matter what or how I set up things it still shows as offline, I have deleted and re-created multiple cams to no avail. 

Screen Grabs of my WG Config...  I am at a loss here... as to what is wrong...

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It's not you, it's WU

They may or may not show up.....ever. No rhyme or reason.


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