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Newest release of SeaMonkey able to see Hikvision cameras?


I'm running SeaMonkey 2.49.4 and I can still log in to my old HikVision cameras and see them with the web site that they generate.

I see there is a newer version of SeaMonkey and am concerned that if I update, I'll loose the ability to see my cameras any more.

Anyone know if they removed that ability, in the name of security?

If so, has anyone found a way to see the Hiks any more?

According to my experience, 2.49.4 is the last 'hikvision compatible' seamonkey

Thank you for your comments on your experience, too.

I guess I could use their utility to view, sort of like the Swann monitoring system.  But I liked being able to see the cameras from anywhere on my LAN that I had a computer and the 'right' browser.

Has HikVision changed their firmware to where it no longer relies on old software to function?  Are their new cameras able to be viewed using more secure techniques?

I'm resistant to use any product where I am bound to sending my video over the internet to them and then having to use even more bandwidth to see my IP cameras.


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