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Hikvision FTP vs Ambient Weather

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Hi everyone. Although I am a computer networking guy that has experience with security cameras I am new to the PWS & weather cam world. I recently installed a WS-5000 for a local boat club that also wants weather cams so I just bought a couple Hikvision DS-2CD2025FWD-I cameras to send periodic static images to our website. Since the website is not currently set up to display the weather cams I am trying to add one of them to our account as a test.

After getting the user name and password from their website I can log into it using Filezilla but when I hit the Test button in the camera config screen I get "No permission to write on FTP server" which tells me that it is logging on and testing the ability to upload an image (i.e. create a file) and permission is denied.

Although this is the sort of problem I would be able to solve on our own website, has anyone run into this with Ambient Weather? The error would not seem to be camera specific. I have not yet been able to find a support email address except for, which appears to be mainly for support of their hardware. Do they also handle weather cameras, which they do not sell?

I also created a WU account for the same PWS but have not tried WU yet due to some stories I've read on this site about getting it to work, but I'll go ahead and try that in the meantime.


How did you get a username/password for ambientweather ?
When I add a device, it asks for the MAC adress of the webcam, but I never get the option for FTP.



--- Quote from: butor20077 on January 16, 2021, 12:11:23 PM ---How did you get a username/password for ambientweather ?
When I add a device, it asks for the MAC adress of the webcam, but I never get the option for FTP.

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You will get that if you click on the + sign, which is what you do if you want to add another PWS. If you have already done that, there should be a blue colored link below your PWS in the device list that says something like 'add a weather cam' so click on that.



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Thanks but I'm already past that point. That link is a little dated as it references the weather cams that Ambient used to sell. Does not mention Hikvision in any case.

I tried Filezilla with Ambient and although the logon is successful their server closes the connection as soon as the STOR command to write the file is issued. It does not return a 'permission denied' error so I am not sure what is going on.

In contrast, I added the second cam to WU with no issues, now working on figuring out how to get Hikvision to send the periodic static images.

There doesn't seem to be a way of doing this from the camera web configuration so I am using their iVMS-4200 management software. The manual does not give a recipe for weather cam usage but it looks like I need to create a schedule and figure out to get the event trigger to work. These cameras are running V5.4.5 build 170124 of the firmware.

Ultimately I only need to send them to our private website so I am using my home FTP server for testing.

However, if sending these images requires running the iVMS-4200 as a companion I will have to return these cameras and go with a different brand.

Any recommendations of a different brand/model?


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