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I always liked and used a full page weather radar bookmark on my pc, generally from TV stations weather pages.  e.g. this format:  https://www.wspa.com/weather/interactive-radar/  but with a separate  link to that radar feed in full screen.  One by one all of the links to a full page image of the radar feed from that source are going away on regional tv station web pages.  An advertising thing, or other contract clause? Does anyone know a way to get a link just to that particular radar product to display full screen?

Unless I am missing something the link you posted has an option for full screen.
It's just below the minus sign on the upper left. Or are you looking for a radar image from that TV stations radar?

No, it's even more trivial. Sites used to have a separate link that could be bookmarked to open that radar in full screen.  In this case it was https://media.wspa.com/nxs-wspatv-media-us-east-1/wp/weather/radar/WSI/full-screen-radar-12.html which is now broken. Also it is interesting that on some other tv station web pages, the same radar feed shows up and even the "expand to full screen" arrows are missing. It was just nice to have a bookmark that would open to that full screen radar product automatically.

This is the new NWS radar. You could use this and just hit F11 on the keyboard to get a full screen image. This is just one example. There are many weather sites out there that have mosaic images you could use. Getting a direct link to a full screen image will probably be an issue but the F11 option is always there.


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